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Let’s face it, there are only a few things that can be as fulfilling as a dog’s unconditional love. In fact, a huge portion of people can hardly live peacefully without having the company of their furry friend.

Unfortunately, dogs are naturally wired to be cheeky and can often come with some irritating behaviors that, if not checked properly, could ruin your amazing relationship with them. This is why dog training is recommended at all times if you’re to live in harmony with your best friend.

And while this training can usually be difficult and in most cases costly, it’s worth it by all measures.

Below, we discuss some of the most common bad dog behaviors as well as how you can manage most of them. We’ll also show you reasons to invest in some form of dog training to make your pet both disciplined and easy to manage. Also, don’t forget to check out our surprise recommendation at the final segment of this post.

Top 3 Bad Dog Behaviors


This is most common among puppies and adult dogs that missed lessons while young. Usually, this is a method dogs use to naturally relieve themselves stress or minimize boredom. Also, in puppies, it can be a way to ease pain that comes with new teeth development.

While it won’t bother you much when your dog chews its rawhide or dog toy, it might be different when it directs its frustrations on your shoes, electronics, and furniture.


This is a common behavior among untrained dogs and one of the most disturbing especially if your dog has untrimmed claws or is too heavy for your weight. Dogs jump as a way of sending greetings, but this can sometimes result in bad injuries or embarrassing falls.


No one wants to deal with the sight of his/her dogs slobbering. In most cases, over salivation is brought about by inflammation of the mouth or the area around it, rotten or lost teeth, and many other dental related issues. Besides, some breeds such as bulldogs are known to drool excessively. In most cases, this is not a behavior that can be corrected although you can encourage your dog to minimize slobbering.

Other common bad dog behaviors include;

  • Excessive aggression
  • Unnecessary barking
  • House soiling
  • Anxiety
  • Leash pulling
  • Etc.

Why You Should Train Your Dog Today

As we had mentioned it earlier, we will review an amazing dog training program later in this post, a product which we believe will be of absolute value to you. However, before that, we will outline some of the key reasons you need to consider training your dog.

  • You definitely want a confident dog
    A great dog training seeks to reinforce the kind of behaviors we need in our dogs. As a result, a dog that is well trained understands exactly what you want and is therefore right in most of the actions it partakes. This enhances its overall confidence and makes it less nervous and fearful.
  • Avoid embarrassments
    A trained dog will easily be loved by all as it has the correct manners such as sitting to greet visitors instead of jumping all over them. Besides, it won’t be barking unnecessarily when you’re walking in town or climb your friend’s sofa uninvited.
  • Trained dogs listen
    Nothing irks a dog owner than having a furry friend that won’t obey his commands. This is why you need to take up good dog training for your dog to ensure he listens and gives you all of his attention any time you give him instructions on anything.
  • Safer
    When you own a trained dog, you won’t have to worry about it dragging you or itself under a truck just because it’s seen a cat on the opposite side of the road. Besides, with such a dog, you will be able to easily maneuver busy avenues and still get back home safe since it’s able to take the right instructions.

Introducing The Brain Training For Dogs Book

Whereas most dog training programs available on the market today focus on using some form of punishment for different behaviors such as those discussed above, The Brain Training For Dogs assumes a different approach.

With this guidebook, you will learn the fact that your dog is always striving to please and be good to you. However, the only impediment to this is that it hardly understands your commands thereby forcing it to act contrary to your wishes.

This program has puzzles and games for you and your dog to play on together. There are also quality videos for each game, so it is easy to see how they all work.

About the Author

As with any other product or program, it is good to learn about the creator or the author of your favorite product. The brain behind this innovative dog training program is Adrienne Farricelli.

Adrienne is young yet very experienced and knowledgeable dog training expert. Certified in Italy and US (CPDT-KA) as a qualified dog trainer, she has vast experience in this field. Adrienne writes blogs on dog training and has created a lot of online publications.

Her specialty is in free dog training with positive reinforcement. All along, she has been an advocator for friendly techniques of training dogs in all her publications and blog posts.

What You Will Learn
From The Brain Training For Dogs

There is a lot you will learn from this guidebook. Here is a summary of what is covered in this guide;


  • Introduction
    Here, you will learn about the supplies that you need and their importance. You will also learn the main objective of the guide.
  • How to Train
    In this section, you will learn how to train your dog to adopt desirable behaviors. The training is presented in a step-by-step manner.
  • Troubleshooting problems
    If you encounter any problem, Adrienne will tell you what you are doing wrong and how to fix it.
  • Increasing the challenge
    In this section, you will learn how to reinforce the behaviors of your dog to make them stick and become a habit.
  • Exam
    Finally, in this section you will learn how to test your dog’s skills to know and evaluate how well your furry friend is doing.

*Disclaimer: You should not use this information as a substitute for help from a licensed professional. Individual results may vary.

Here’s a Sneak Preview at What You Get Inside the
‘Brain Training For Dogs’ Online Course…

What You Will Get Once You Purchase

Main Manual

As explained above, this program is structured like a school curriculum, starting out with “pre-school” where you will find easy and simple games that you can play with your dog or puppies. The lessons then gradually become more difficult as the dog advances through the levels of elementary, high school, college, campus/university, graduation, and even Einstein.

Free! Bonuses Included

7 Trick Training Videos

Just as the name suggests, this package comprises videos which, on top of being funny, are key in your dog training syllabus. Here, you will learn about how to train your dogs to do the following;

  • Taking a bow
  • Covering eyes
  • Shaking hands
  • Playing dead
  • Rolling over
  • Dancing
  • Howling

Obedience 101 Training

This is another amazing eBook that shows you little-known tricks of using food to lure your dog to obey your commands. Some of the key lessons your dog will learn here include take/leave, sit/lie, pick/drop and many other obedience commands.

Polishing Up Your Training

Now that you’ve taught your dog to listen to your commands using food, does it mean you will forever use this as a bait? Absolutely not. Luckily for you, this manual shows you how to transition to using less of baits to ensure your furry friend listens to you even when you’re using none of them.

Adrienne’s Archive

This is possibly the most comprehensive set of dog training resource you’ll find anywhere on the web. In it, you will find numerous in-depth articles on pretty much everything you might want to learn about dog behaviors. Besides, you’ll find detailed puppy training secrets including crate training, bite inhibition, and potty training among others.

Benefits of The Brain Training For Dogs

  • Friendly training methods
    This course advocates for friendly training methods for your dog. Like you might noticed, many professional dog trainers still recommend the use of punishment as the main method of training. However, Adrienne promotes friendly training methods for your dogs and this has worked really well.
  • Innovative
    A majority of training guides for dogs are just rewrites of existing methods; however, this manual is unique and offers a different perspective on training dogs.
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
    Adrienne is very confident in her training manual that she offers to refund your money in full in case you find it unsatisfactory or not meeting your expectations. This means you buy this book with nearly zero risk. What a deal this is!

Your Risk-FREE Trial Preview Don’t Decide Now!


If for any reason… or no reason… you feel Brain Training for Dogs isn’t everything I say it is (and more, much more…) I want you to ask for, and get your money back. If for any reason you’re not entirely satisfied with your purchase, just shoot me a quick email, and I’ll give you back your money. No questions asked.

But it doesn’t end there…

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This exclusive bonus focusses on some of the most common (not to mention frustrating!) doggy behavior problems as well as showing how you can finally STOP them for good!

Learn  how to use very powerful, effective, yet gentle behavior-correcting techniques including…


  • Everything you need to know to get your dog to stop whining.
  • How to eliminate whining that comes from attention-seeking, anxiety, excitement…and toy/bone related whining.
  • The insider secrets to stopping your dog from digging.
  • Very simple Tactics to stop your dog barking…including when your dog barks at nothing, barks at doorbells, or other triggers.
  • How to stop your dog from chewing and jumping.

This guide is FREE for you, but only when you invest in Brain Training for Dogs today!

Wrap Up


To this end, we have found The Brain Training For Dogs to be an invaluable guide particularly due to its new and innovative approach to training dogs. It is an excellent way to strengthening the bond between you and your fur-friend as well as training them manners and tricks. Besides, this guide is written in a fun and interesting way by a reputable trainer. As a result, we highly recommend it to every dog owner!


Grab this training today at a limited offer and mold your dog to be the asset you’ve always yearned for!

• Official Package Brain Training For Dogs
by Adrienne Farricelli
• Free! 5 VIP Bonuses
•  Lifetime Program Updates
• 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Get the Brain Training for Dogs for ONLY
$47 – The original version and the same owner of

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